"The works are not meant to be compositionally indulgent, instead acting as solid functional cookware on which Attias and Malaby prepare succulent dishes. The results are dense which makes the songs seem longer than they actually are-the set fit seven tunes into an hour where most bands of this ilk would play four or five."

- Andrey Henkin

"The second half began with a bass intro. I was impressed with Conly throughout but was not engaged by this music. "

- Peter Kowald 

" Their Freedom can be delicate and meditative or jarring, but one mustn't let the company Conly keeps on this date overshadow his composing, which is interesting and can only strengthen with time."

- Clifford Allen, All About Jazz, NYC

"the joyous, full sound of bassist Sean Conly"

- All About Jazz

"His playing seems to take in all these influences, whether in lengthy solos like the expressive feature on “Something I Said?” or his tendency to play with pulse seemingly every measure. It’s the jittery latter quality that shapes Re:Action, at least in its most interesting moments. Along with saxophonists Tony Malaby and Michael Attias, and drummer Pheeroan AkLaff, the bassist pens a number of tunes that wend between impressive textural moments and intense, often melancholy expressionism."

- Dust Magazine

"Sean Conly has a pizzicato so thick you could climb it. " 

- New York Jazz Record

"It takes guts to invite reputed musicians such as Pheeroan akLaff (drums) and Tony Malaby (sax) for a debut album, because they have created their own approach to music over the years. Add the second tenor of Michaël Attias to that, and you can only admire bassist Sean Conly to make this musical project really his own. He has a composing style which is very coherent : very rhythmic and often angular themes with stops and starts for dramatic effect. Yet on the other hand, he gives his band members sufficient space to work around the compositions, and it is in listening to the improvisations that you start to understand why he selected them. Not only because they are good, but because they understand Conly's musical approach without relinquishing their own style, especially Attias and Malaby fit well together, both free and sensitive players, stylists who know how to express emotions, with akLaff using his incredible wealth of ideas and experience to provide the necessary depth and contrast."

- Sean Conly - Re-Action (Clean Feed, 2008) ****

" What makes this disc (Think Shadow) so wonderful and distinct is that it is both adventurous and sublime at the same time and that is a rare treat."

- Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"..and bassist Sean Conly whose interpretation of Brazilian music is as flawless as that of more traditional jazz, provided the perfect grounding between piano and drums"

- Roberta on the Arts

" Bassist Sean Conly is an extraordinarily busy player,perhaps somewhat of a yeoman- he's worked with figures diverse as the violinists Sam Bardfeld and Regina Carter. But if he has a particular mettle, it might just be in the unruly, driving and highly plastic music of this ensemble."

- Clifford Allen, All About Jazz, NYC

" I swear to you, O people of Amazonia, that there are few more important labels in the area of free jazz and creative improv musics than that of Clean Feed. This CD is typical of the quality the label puts out. 

Sean Conly is a New York based bassist and composer of whom I knew nothing. All is has done is lead a session that is one of the most solid and satisfying CDs of this year."

- Greg Taylor (Portland, Oregon United States

​​               Sean Matthew ​Conly

"The ubiquitous Sean Conly takes no prisoners in his exchanges with drummer Sperrazza."

- John Gilbert, December 15, 2004 

"For those seeking some description of what Conly's mélange sounds like, imagine liberal doses of Motown funk (maybe not the tonality but certainly the urgency), flashes of punk-like belligerence and raggedness, and even Middle Eastern sensibilities, all laid lovingly on a pillow of heavy shuffling beats."

- Andrey Henkin

“Far From Home,” composed by bassist Sean Conly, is another melancholy standout. Conly comments subtly on Micic’s statements and then murmurs his own soft lament."

- Stephen, All About Jazz

" Sean Conly had a bass solo that left this reviewer in awe." 

Bonnie Schendell

"Although I dare anybody to memorize a single minute of this record, the mark that it leaves is one of indelible brightness, splendidly symbolized by the gorgeous arrangement of “Suburban Angst”, which sounds like someone trying to escape from creditors by running in alleys, Aklaff spectacularly breaking the tempos while Malaby and Attias exchange incendiary darts with unbelievable ease, ready to return to home base when the composite leit-motif calls everybody back. Even an oddity such as the abstract-sounding “Concrete Garden” seems perfectly placed in the record’s context, therefore no more words: go get this CD pronto. It’s great."

​- Touching Extremes

" For all of their shared Virtuosity, bassist Sean Conly and saxophonist Michael Attias place a high premium on sound and intuition. On their Stunning new album Think Shadow the pair reaffirms the limitless possibilities of the duo format with a set of improvised originals that strike the perfect balance between seeming completeness and never ending surprise." 

- Matthew Miller 

"In practical terms, Conly's compositions fit in

well with the scene that has sprung up around Barbès-probing, high-energy vehicles for cathartic group interplay. But true to his lineage, Conly's pieces only sound complex because of what flows out of them. In truth, a strong, often syncopated bass line supports almost traditional melodies

and superb time.

And apart from being a good composer and

band-leader, Conly is a great bass player too.

We want more."

- Sean Conly - Re-Action (Clean Feed, 2008) ****

"Sean Conly brings to his work on double bass a rhythmic suppleness and a harmonic awareness that complement (and stimulate) the front-line soloists"

-  Glyn Pursglove   

"Bassist Sean Conly wrote the music of Re:Action “to let people play the way they play”, yet this quartet – which includes a two-forward saxophone section consisting of Tony Malaby and Michael Attias plus Pheeroan Aklaff on drums – is tightly self-disciplined and performs with composed fire, so to speak. The result is an excellent album, in which no trace of lackadaisical indetermination is found, a persuasive interpretation of tunes that sound exuberantly enthusiastic, calmly scowling, intelligently disengaged from the normalcy of jazz formulas."

Touching Extremes

"The mixture of spontaneity with clear-cut harmonic construction is made possible by the symbiosis forged by Conly, Harding, Jones and Taylor. That makes Grass Roots’ first project fulfill the promise of its members, and then some."

Something Else Reviews


"The sense of rhythm and pacing conveyed by bassist Sean Conly and drummer Alvester Garnett is exceptionally vivid."

- Vana, A New Day (CD Review)     

" The interplay between Tardy and bass player Conly is particularly cool."

-Russ Nolan on Two Colors (Cd Review )