​​               Sean Matthew ​Conly

Selected Discography

1. Sean Conly "Re:Action". Clean Feed
2. Sean Conly "The Invisibles" out of print
3. Sean Conly and Michael Attias "Think Shadow". 

OutNow Recordings
4. Grass Roots "GrassRoots" Aum Fidelity
5. Greg Tardy "Abundance" Palmetto
6. Greg Tardy "Hope" Steeplechase
7. Greg Tardy "Standards and More" Steeplechase
8. Greg Tardy "The Truth" Steeplechase
9. Greg Tardy "Steps of Faith" Steeplechase
10. Greg Tardy "Monuments" Steeplechase
11. Greg Tardy "The Hidden Light" J Curve
12. Vana Gierig with Paquito D'Rivera "Making Memories" Enja
13. Vana Gierig "A New Day" Ave c
14. Patrick Cornelius "lucid Dream"
15.  Michael Attias "Spun Tree" Clean Feed
16. Sam Bardfeld "Periodic Trespasses" Fresh Sounds
17. Yoni Kretzmer "Weight" OutNow Recordings
18. Joel Harrison "Free Country" Act
19. Rale Micic "Serbia" CTA
20. Rale Micic "Bridges" CTA
21. Alma Micic "The Hours"
22. Edward Ratliff "These Moments Before" Strudelmedia
23. Amanda Monaco "Pirkei Avot"  Genevieve Records
24. Amanda Monaco "I Think I'll Keep You" ISR
25. Veronica Nunn "The Art of Michael Franks" Deadhorse Records
26. Russ Nolan "Two Colors" Rhinoceruss
27. Johannes Wallmann "Minor Prophets" keepitcute
28. Johannes Wallmann "The Coasts" keepitcute
29. Ray Barretto "Time is Time Was" 
30. Anthony Colleman "Lapidation" New World Records
31. Mara Rosenbloom "Songs From The Ground" Fresh Sounds
32. Lou Garrett "Presence" 
33. Lola Danza "The Island" Evolver
34. Laurie Krauz "Catch Me if You Can" 
35. Arlee Leonard "Wild Honey"
36. Alma Micic "Introducing Alma" CTA
37. Jesse Stacken  "Heleborus" Fresh Sounds
38. Darius Jones "Brigitte's Baby" Aum Fidelity
39. Gene Segal "Mental Images" Steeplechase
40. Charles Blenzig "It's about Time" Abersold
41. Janice Friedman "Swinging for the Ride"
42. Mark Buselli "Thru the Eyes of A Child"
43. The ExPatsy's "Devouring Time" Winter and Winter
44. An NPR Christmas with Marian Mcpartland 
45. Stephanie Pope "Now's the Time to Fall In Love"
46. Heather Mcrae "I choose Love"
47. Yoron Isreal "Live at the Blue Note"
48. Sunny Kim "A Painter's Eye"
49. Bruce Brown "Living The Love"
50. Kevin Scott Hall "New Light Dawning" Cascade
51. Kristopher Mcdowell "Love Lights Your Eyes" Jerome
52. Dave Hall "Playing the Man" Giuseppe Joe
53. Dave Hall "Places" Giuseppe Joe
54. The Original Virgins" OV
55. The Genesius Guild "Our Heart Sings" Jerome
56. Donna Accoso "Easy to Love" Saucy T. productions
57. Frederick Bush " Self Titled"
58. Scot Albertson " The Urge to Croon"
59. Vana Gierig "Vana Trio plus Brazilian Percussion Live"
60. Gene Segal “Matter” Steeplechase
61. Yoni Kretzmer upcoming duo release  Kadima
62. Gerry Gibbs trio unreleased recording.
63. Gregory Tardy "With songs of Joy" Steeplechase

64. Johannes Wallman "The Town Musicians" Fresh Sounds
65. Ayelet Rose Gottlieb “Shiva” 482 records
66. Yoni Kretzmers Two Bass Band “Book Two” Outnow Recordings
67. The Brian King Band “It Aint Easy Being Me”
68. Esoteric duos” JC Jones Yoni Kretzmer Outnow recordings
69. Ehran Elisha “Kindred Spirits” Outnow Recordings

Born in Gunnison Colorado, raised in Topeka Kansas, bassist

and composer Sean Conly has been obsessed with music for his entire life. At age six, Sean began playing guitar and writing songs trying to emulate the music his parents loved such  as the Beatles, The Doors and Harry Nilsson. In school band Sean played percussion but as his teen years began and he wanted to start a band he picked up the electric bass.  "My grandmother bought me a bass for Christmas when I was thirteen.  It came with a Mel Bay method book which I stayed up most of the night devouring and then the next morning I went to a band tryout ."

Within a few months Sean started to play around town. For the rest of his teens he played in numerous bands performing in venues across the Midwest. Sean was already a voracious listener and was spending many nights glued to the radio discovering any and all kinds of music. It was thru these nighttime binges that he became more and more attracted to jazz and improvised musc from such artists as Charle Mingus The Revolutionary Ensemble and Ornett Coleman and Jaco Pastorius.

After high school, Sean moved to Kansas City to attend the UMKC Conservatory of Music where he began to study the Contrabass, but his real education happened on the bandstand with local legends such as Ahmad Alaadeen, Tim (Timbone) Williams, Jay McShann, Claude “fiddler” Williams Rich Hill, Norman "Bishop" Williams, Horace Washington and many others. 

Studying in the days and working 4 or 5 nights a week helped him solidify his playing,  He also started to write  and arrange music for his own groups, and for the university's jazz orchestra and for mentor Ahmad Alaadeen. Kansas City had a lot to offer but Sean had always had his eyes set on moving to New York City, so in an attempt to learn more and to bridge the gap between NYC and KC, he moved to Paterson New Jersey to study under Rufus Reid at William Paterson University. 

 A year later he moved to Manhattan, where he has resided ever since. Since then he has gone on to tour the world and/or record with a diverse list of artists such as Gregory Tardy, Freddie Hubbard, Regina Carter, Ray Barretto,  Charles Blenzig, Michael Franks, Tom Harrell, Andrew Hill, Nicholas Payton, Stefon Harris, Yoron Israel, Eric Lewis, Deidre Murray, John Mcneil, Timucin Sahin, James Moody , Mike Stern, Rick Margitza, Michael Attias, Tony Malaby , Myron Walden, Phillip Harper, Russ Lossing,  Anthony Coleman, Avishai Cohen (trpt), Ayelte Rose Gottleib, Vana Gehrig Trio, Darius Jones, Ken Vandermark/Steve Swell Quartet, The Newport Millenium Celebration with Cedar Walton, Randy Brecker, Howard Alden , Lou Tobackin and many many others. 

 As a band leader or co/ leader he has performed with several stellar groups over the years starting with The Invisibles featuring Ben Monder, Tony Malaby, John OGalliger and Tony Moreno, Re:Action with Michael Attias Tony Malaby and Pheeroan Aklaff,  Grassroots with Darius Jones, Chad Taylor and Alex Harding, High Low Brow with Mike Pride and Mary Halvorson, Think Shadow with Michael Attias and also as a solo performer. Recently he has unveiled a new piano trio, Far North, featuring Tom Rainey and Kris Davis.

Sean is also an in demand Teacher. He has given clinics on four continents and has been on the faculty of
 The  Collective School of Music since 2009.